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From Hidden Gems to Wounded Giants

Gems and Giants Report Cover_Version3_1NOV2016

The search for quality in European banking

Author: Lafferty Group

Publishing date: 28 November 2016

Finally, some certainty in European banking: this report unearths nine 'gems' of banking in Europe, a few of them boasting well-known names, others hidden from the untrained eye.

This impeccably researched report, based on Lafferty research on 100 publicly quoted European banks, identifies firms with sustainable quality -- and the variety of business models that are proving successful.

What sets them apart?

These gems have what might be called a 'controlled aggression' that helps them to succeed in the long run. The aggression component of this characteristic is represented by a relentless focus on an objective, be it a profitability target or focus on a sector. Buy the report to read the details, each one solidly grounded in our unique blend of quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Here are some of the reasons a bank may be rated poorly:

  • The bank persists with a growth strategy in an environment that rewards profitability
  • The bank is seriously under-capitalised
  • The bank has the wrong business model
  • The bank is rewarding the top executives for doing the wrong things
  • The bank continues to promote the wrong culture
  • While claiming to take customer satisfaction seriously, the bank does not measure it

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