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Fallen Icon: Takeaways for retail bankers from the Wells Fargo scandal

Takeaways for retail bankers from the Wells Fargo scandal

Author: Aongus Buckley

Publishing date: 27 September. Updated on 19 October 2016.

There are major lessons about banking culture to be learned from the ongoing Wells Fargo crisis. The crisis is telling us that culture, far from being some undefined and vague notion, is absolutely central to banking. We noted major negative signals emanating from Wells Fargo's annual reports, and Lafferty Bank Quality Ratings gave Wells a score of 2 out of 5 earlier this year. This report will show you how to avoid misselling crises, direct compliance appropriately, and successfully align culture with strategy.

We look at major cases where a bank's culture has contributed to — or played havoc with — bank earnings and long-term outlook.

  • Wells Fargo and the illusory attraction of selling multiple products
  • Mis-selling in the UK and the decline of HBOS
  • The Handelsbanken culture and its Nordic adherents

We look at culture, good and bad, in Lloyds, TSB, HSBC, CTCB, Nordea, Alior, HBOS, Barclays, FNB, Public Bank, BankInter, National Australia Bank, Handelsbanken, Swedbank, Capitec, Cathay United Bank and more.

Finally, we offer recommendations based on the lessons covered in the report.


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