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Commonsense Risk Management in Banking

Applying the margin of safety principle

Author: Bruce Packard

Publishing date: October 2013

Risk management is often seen as boring, complicated, unglamorous and technical. However, it is also essential — in retail as much as other areas of banking.

We are approaching a time when chief executives and finance directors will not be able to 'outsource' risk judgments: neither the internal risk manager, auditors, external regulators, nor rating agencies will be viewed as being ultimately responsible for poor decisions.

Senior managers in failed banks will no longer be able to plead ignorance and, in the UK at least, may face imprisonment for their recklessness. In these matters, where the British go other countries very often follow.

Commonsense Risk Management in Banking is not a technical report on the arcane aspects of Basel III. Instead, the aim here is to look at simple methods of restoring investor confidence in bank financial statements.

The report will help senior management to learn from best practice. More importantly, it will draw on the lessons of failure from UK parliamentary investigations into failed banks and the Salz Review of what were often far from satisfactory business practices at Barclays.

Commonsense Risk Management in Banking will help you to learn from past errors of judgment and avoid the mistakes others have already made.


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