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Breaking the Banks

New entrants, new rules

Author: Bruce Packard, CFA

Publishing date: 19 March 2015

There are hundreds of new entrants in the retail banking space, all trying to do something different.

It would be a mistake to believe that in order to threaten a bank's margins, one must look exactly like a traditional bank. Many new entrants do not compete in the same way, with retail branches or a broad universal banking model. Some don't look like traditional banks or have a banking licence. However, they are offering substitute products that still have the potential to harm traditional bank margins.

Breaking the Banks: New Entrants, New Rules identifies those new entrants that could pose a serious threat to banking margins.

It includes over 30 case studies of new entrants and potential competitors to banks around the world. The report also ranks these challengers by how likely they are to threaten bank profitability.
Developments in this fast-changing sector cannot be ignored — Breaking the Banks: New Entrants, New Rules offers you a comprehensive understanding of the players involved and the level of threat they pose to traditional banks.


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