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The Power of Points and Partners -- save 50 percent!

How to earn credit card customer loyalty

Author: Jacqui Chin

Publishing date: August 2011

A recent survey of 143 large US companies revealed that only 17 percent of businesses earned a strong (or better) loyalty rating from their customers. None of these were credit card companies.

The Power of Points and Partners is an essential tool for all types of businesses looking to gain customer loyalty through credit cards; whether a bank or an industry player such as a retailer, airline or coalition rewards programme.

It will provide you with the insight you need to help formulate your strategy for the future and uncover new credit card business models to earn customer loyalty.

The Power of Points and Partners encourages you to put aside the question of "How can I get my customers to spend and revolve more?" and instead focus on how you can recognise and reward your loyal customers. Earn customer loyalty and you will be top of their wallet, gaining spend 300-450 percent of the average.

We look at the experiences of over 60 companies across over 80 case studies to highlight the importance of why understanding your customers goes beyond thinking about them as revolvers or transactors, subprime or super affluent and instead uses a personalised, customer-centric engagement approach. We explore how rewards motivate customers and why new partnership models are critical to deliver compelling and sustainable rewards.

In the coming years a credit card business will hit the top twenty list for highest customer loyalty rating. It could be your business. If so, it will be through harnessing The Power of Points and Partners.


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