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New Frontiers in Merchant Services -- save 50 percent!

Acquirers and the pursuit of added value

Author: Peter Kinahan

Publishing date: October 2012

The global merchant services business may have a lower profile than the issuing side of the
electronic payments industry but its capacity for consistent revenue generation is considerable as global billed volume rises relentlessly.

While margins from merchant service discounts are coming under pressure — notably in developed markets — many lucrative regions and markets remain fertile grounds for investment. Meanwhile, the march of technology, in particular the arrival in force of the mobile device and the growth of e-commerce/m-commerce, has shaken the traditional order as acquirers look increasingly to incorporate value-added merchant services to their product offering to diversify and compensate for falling margins.

New Frontiers in Merchant Services describes the forces affecting the merchant services industry; forces that are leading both to increasing consolidation as acquirers recognise the prerequisite of scale in successful acquiring business models together with the arrival of niche innovators in the wider merchant services arena whose cumulative effect is challenging this once predictable business. The report offers an analysis of key regions, markets and player strategies in the face of an unprecedented period of industry turbulence.

New Frontiers in Merchant Services deconstructs the mechanics of the industry to reveal a world where specialists and operators of scale will increasingly hold sway.

Yet while certain trends such as falling interchange rates and associated merchant service charges are fairly universal, the world of merchant services is certainly not a homogenous one, with massive diversity in terms of individual market structures and metrics.


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