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Corporate Social Responsibility in Banking -- save 50 percent!

A guide to global best practice

Author: Peter Kinahan

Publishing date: February 2012

The global banking industry — never a grouping to have enjoyed widespread popularity — is reeling from a massive credibility crisis in the wake of a series of self-inflicted disasters. At this point — as popular protest over the effects of the global financial system reaches ever-increasing heights — the industry is in dire need to communicate what it is all about and why it still matters to the public.

For retail bankers in particular, the damage inflicted by the reckless — and often fraudulent — activities of investment banks has had the effect of infecting all banks and bankers regardless of culpability. Yet retail banking is not without sin — as all-too-frequent mis-selling and predatory pricing scandals have testified over the years.

CSR policy seeks to define the bank's role in terms of its global citizenship

  • But to what extent have the world's largest banks taken on the principles of corporate social responsibility?
  • Is it a fundamental part of bank strategy or is it simply a means of paying lip service to wooly ideals with little meaningful commitment and practical effect?
  • Can it be harnessed not simply as a defensive mechanism in PR terms but as an active contributor to the bottom line?

Corporate Social Responsibility in Banking looks at these questions and helps you to review and evaluate current policies and formulate your strategy for the future.

It discusses the practices of the world's top 200 banks to assess what lies behind the lofty pronouncements. Using the reporting requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as a benchmark, Corporate Social Responsibility in Banking examines the extent of compliance of this group to CSR reporting standards and the quality of their disclosures.


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