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Bank Design

Digital in the physical: from apps and robots to virtual reality

Author: Lafferty Research

Publishing date: October 2018

Bank Design: Digital in the physical: from apps and robots to virtual reality

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SOMETHING VERY INTERESTING IS HAPPENING IN BANK BRANCHES. Far from new technologies doing away with the need for a branch, the opposite is happening: the bank branch is becoming the destination for the hottest new experiences in retail banking, whether in digital, artificial intelligence, robotics or virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). If the theme of our previous Bank Design report was 'community', the theme of this report is 'experience' — whether that experience flows from excellent use of the five senses in the physical space, or the delight that users feel when a well-crafted smartphonebased banking app enters their lives. Branches are now vying to offer customers the best and most inspiring experiences, whether delivered via professional grade technology (ie, surpassing consumer or home tech levels) or through the most modern interior design elements. In these pages we examine three particular elements of design and user experience: the technological and digital experience in the branch, the physical experience experienced there, and the user experience of neobanks.

The debate about traditional branch-based banking versus digital banking has moved on dramatically. These days, new branches are home to virtual reality suites that allow home buyers to travel digitally through new homes. Mobile-first banks are re-inventing cards for the digital age, and old branches are getting a new lease on life through digital technologies.

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This report will give readers an in-depth insight into how AI, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are being used now in retail banking and personal finance around the world.


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