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AI, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The Applications of New Technologies in Retail Banking

Author: Lafferty Research

Publishing date: August 2018

AI, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: The Applications of New Technologies in Retail Banking

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THE TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS OF BLOCKCHAIN AND AI ARE MAKING THEIR WAY INTO RETAIL BANKING. While bitcoin, blockchain and derivative cryptocurrencies first emerged as a threat to the existing financial order, artificial intelligence is more of an omni-use technology — but one which has broad applications in a financial system that still relies heavily on manual processes that can be automated via artificial intelligence technologies. As traditional retail banking faces new challenges and, indeed, existential threats from Big Tech and Fintechs we see these technologies as key to the future success of established players and challengers alike.

This report explores the ways in which AI, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are converging to create new solutions to old problems, and the new business models that are arising as a result. From financial inclusion in emerging markets; improved cybersecurity, anti-fraud and money laundering measures; customer experience enhancements; back office efficiencies; through even to AI-powered outsourced personal finance management, we look at the practical applications of AI, blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the real world — and the people who are making it happen.

Featuring case studies from around the world

  • Wala
  • FinComEco
  • Neuronchain
  • Envel
  • Branch
  • Featurespace
  • Pindrop/Lloyds
  • Silent Eight
  • Bradesco
  • Blue Prism

This report will give readers an in-depth insight into how AI, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are being used now in retail banking and personal finance around the world.


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