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Lafferty Group provides global research and advisory programmes with the following specific services:

  • Consumer Banking-Fintech Global Research Service
  • Business Banking-Fintech Global Research Service
  • Credit Cards-Digital Finance Global Research Service
  • Mobile Wallets Global Advisory Service

Each service aims to provide clients with knowledge and insight on a continuous basis into the latest fintech and digital developments in each of these fields worldwide. Clients will not only have up to date access to the latest competitive fintech initiatives but will also be briefed on how to respond to them, while remaining relevant and successful. The content consists primarily of real-life case studies, each of which is rated for its significance and potential.

The case studies within each service will be available on a regional basis starting in early 2019 and will be delivered in digestible monthly modules of some 20 pages.

Each service has the following deliverables:

1. Monthly case study reports
2. Access to our analysts for further advice and consultation
3. Briefings on the latest developments in the sector worldwide


As banks everywhere embrace digital technology, more and more are forming partnerships with new fintech players. We look at the emerging success stories and identify the factors that are proving vital to success and failure. Subscribers will have access to cutting edge insights to maximise the benefits of collaboration, competition and co-mingling between fintechs and banks.


Fintech competitors and digital innovation are core features of the new business banking revolution that is sweeping across the world. Traditional banks are finding it hard to adapt to the new environment while fintechs are even going global after the SME opportunity. However, success if not assured by mere implementation of digital tools. Subscribers will get access to all the moving parts and dimensions across the industry that affect their success.


Despite a slow start, credit cards could well turn out to be the "killer app" for fintech. Long since established as the most profitable consumer banking product ever created, the credit card -- be it traditional plastic or a chip in a mobile phone -- is now the focus of a growing number of Fintech initiatives across the world. Indeed, online and digital credit is fast emerging as the new avatar of the revolving credit card that led to burgeoning profits for most of the successful banks of the 20th century. Subscribers will be able to get sharp insights into this exciting world of Credit Cards 3.0.


Businesses of all shapes and kinds are investing in the mobile wallets space, and banks are finding it hard to keep pace. Some see the mobile wallet as the inevitable replacement for the plastic card, while others go even further and predict that it will even replace bank accounts. Scale and profitability are the biggest challenges facing this industry where technology has shown "What" but not "How" to establish a successful mobile wallet business.


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