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E-commerce Payments Databank: Germany

A Lafferty Group research report

Author: Lafferty research

Publishing date: Autumn 2016

The growth of e-commerce has significantly outpaced brick-and-mortar stores both domestically and worldwide in recent years, and the trend is set to continue. New players are entering the payments business while established players are transforming themselves in the hopes of taking a share of this growing market. New technologies are combining to offer shoppers increased conversion rates and cross-channel possibilities.

In response to this structural shift from physical to digital, Lafferty Group introduced the Lafferty E-commerce Payments Databank.

E-commerce Graphics - Growth by region

The databank will show you the relative size of the players and help you gauge potential opportunities. It is grounded in surveys of leading e-commerce service providers worldwide, rigorous and objective methodologies, and the shared wisdom of our global clients.

With over a hundred clear, precise and actionable metrics -- covering data on e-commerce merchants, payment service providers, acquirers, issuers, payment players and mobile payments -- the databank is an indispensable strategic resource for e-commerce professionals.

Each country databank includes:

  • Data on over 100 e-commerce merchants including e-commerce procurement details
  • Demographics and economic indicators
  • E-commerce market sizing
  • E-commerce merchants ranked by sales volume
  • E-commerce acquirers ranked by acquired volume
  • Card issuer ranked by ecommerce card purchase volume
  • Gateways/iPSPs ranked by ecommerce purchase volume
  • Alternative payment players ranked by ecommerce purchase volume
  • Data on mobile payments via apps and mobile browser
  • Insights into the key players

Each of these data sets contain several unique metrics that offer a complete data driven view of the e-commerce ecosystem from the merchant acquirers to transaction volumes by card issuers.


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