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Credit Card Profitability: Western Europe

Countries covered: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Author: Lafferty Research

Publishing date: 4 July 2016

Credit card profitability in Western Europe has rebounded impressively from the effects of the global financial crisis with profits surpassing pre-crisis levels by 2012 and growing further in the years that followed. In the wake of the crisis, issuers managed to lower default rates by tightening credit criteria and strengthening risk management policies. Meanwhile revenue has also been boosted by low costs of funding leading to increased net interest revenue.

This new edition of Credit Card Profitability: Western Europe looks at one of the strongest and most profitable credit cards regions in the world. An affluent mass market, a developed banking infrastructure and a progressive regulatory environment have meant that the market for credit cards has penetrated far and wide.

The report takes a comprehensive look at the region's top 16 credit cards markets to unmask the peculiar and individual characteristics of these various countries and answers significant questions, including:

  • What are the dynamics and key metrics behind credit card profitablity?
  • How and why are credit card revenue streams changing?
  • What are the effects of — and trends in — credit losses?
  • How do differing consumer attitudes to credit affect profitability?
  • How do the unique characteristics of Western Europe's cards markets affect the region's profit pools?

Credit Card Profitability: Western Europe also provides you with critical data for each country, including:

  • number of credit cards in issue
  • billed volume on credit cards (POS, ATM, total)
  • number of transactions on credit cards (POS, ATM, total)
  • average transaction value on credit cards (POS, ATM, total)
  • credit card profitability indicators (rollover rates, net credit losses, interchange fees)
  • Lafferty Group's unique credit card profit pool calculation

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