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Consultant International Forum


Consultant International Forum is an independent membership group for management consultants who have a keen interest in the global profession and the maintenance of high professional and ethical standards in the practice of management consultancy.

Consultant International Bulletin is published exclusively for members of Consultant International Forum. The Forum's aim is to help the management consultancy profession fight back against complacency and unethical practices — and to do so by encouraging consultants and their professional bodies to rebuild and maintain the highest professional standards. We believe management consultancy plays an essential role in the modern economy and that the highest standards of ethical behaviour are essential for long-term success.

Membership deliverables include:

  • Consultant International Bulletin, a newsletter published 20 times a year
  • Podcasts of interviews and roundtables on leading-edge professional issues
  • Daily news alerts


Published 20 times a year, Consultant International Bulletin gives you:

  • News — we promise not to miss any major consulting news story worldwide
  • Firm rankings — once a year we will rank the top consulting firms in the world's largest economies
  • Investigations — we will dig deep into good and bad news developments and report them in balanced feature articles
  • Regional surveys — once a year we will survey the state of management consultancy in the main geographies of the world — North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America
  • Big issue surveys — including ethics, protectionism, Brexit, digitalisation, the digital economy, fintechs — and much more
  • Tech Watch — from artificial intelligence and robotics to machine-learning
  • Country surveys — we will survey the state of management consultancy in each of the G7 nations — US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada — as well as in the BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
  • Interviews — with big firm senior partners, CEOs, CFOs and finance directors, and other senior corporate executives.
  • Professional bodies — we will report on the activities of the national management consultancy bodies once a year
  • Our opinions/editorials — we will pull no punches and "say it as it is".


The first issue of Global Accounting Bulletin will be published on 6 September 2018.

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About Lafferty Global

Under the direction of Michael Lafferty, a chartered accountant, a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and former banking and accounting correspondent of the Financial Times of London, the broader Lafferty Group has played a leadership role in international accounting journalism and publishing for several decades.

Michael Lafferty founded the newsletters International Accounting Bulletin and Management Consultant International as well as numerous banking and financial services titles.
In addition, Michael Lafferty has published several international studies of corporate accounting practices.
The decision to re-enter the field of accounting publishing has been taken by Michael Lafferty because of a belief that the broader accounting profession "needs an independent global forum to monitor professional developments worldwide. This is particularly the case because of the proliferation of corporate scandals we are now experiencing".

Lafferty Global Ltd. Company Number: 11442620.


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