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Vicky Costello

Before joining Lafferty Group, Vicky Costello had over nine years experience in communications, writing and literature, most recently as a lecturer at Dublin Business School where she was the course leader in Business Communication Skills covering business writing, business ethics and ethics in corporate finance.

At Lafferty Group she focused on the development and production of a new suite of reports on the global credit card and debit card markets and in assisting the CEO to develop new systems for written communications and data interpretation. She is the author of the Lafferty Thought Leadership report, The P2P Threat to Retail Banking: The marketplace lending revolution.

"I feel fortunate to have been an onlooker at such a pivotal time for the industry," she says.

The P2P Threat to Retail Banking notes the key developments, markets and platforms in the marketplace lending industry, and their potential to threaten the traditional finance industry on a global scale — as well as the corresponding potential for banks to become allies with lending platforms in a way that better serves consumers and generates profit for banks and platforms alike.


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