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Jerome Svigals

Jerome Svigals has been witness and participant in the birth and growth of the digital age. He was first trained on ENIAC, the first electronic digital computer, in 1950, at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, in the United States. He was one of the first 50 programmers in the world.

His career then took him to the development team for the RCA Bizmac, the first database computer. A career at IBM followed, where he helped to develop one of the early 7000-series computers, the IBM 7074 computer, with his first of 14 IBM patents. He led the internal effort that converted IBM from portraying itself as a punched card leader to a computer marketing machine. He went on to become a senior marketing executive, the assistant director of marketing, for the domestic IBM company and member of the famous Spread Committee that set a 50-year, industry-wide, computer system architecture for a compatible family of computers: the IBM 360 System.

Now a long-range banking and transaction card strategies consultant to major international banks and card servicing companies, he leads top bank management teams in preparing five-year goals and plans for their financial services and card-related products. Clients have included Commonwealth Bank of Australia, HSBC, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Lloyds Bank, Citibank Development, Prepaid Card Corporation of Japan, the three major banks of Brazil, three smartcard vendors, the Finland PTT, Intel Corporation and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Jerome was ranked by the American Banker newspaper as one of the top 25 United States banking industry consultants. He is currently director of research and development for the merger of Loyalty Central (owner of the definitive patents on loyalty/ incentive solutions) and the Smart Card Institute (owner of the new patent for smart device security not requiring PINs, passwords or encryption and usable on all smart devices, operating systems and communication protocols).

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