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Licences for Lafferty Group reports

All Lafferty Group reports (unless specifically stated otherwise) are offered on a licence basis. Our readers benefit from our continued investment in high-quality research, analysis and reporting. Unauthorised copying and distribution of Lafferty Group content is a way of avoiding payment for the value gained by using the content. If we are unable to protect that investment by licensing our content and collecting revenue, then it threatens our ability to continue to create the content.

Licence definitions

Single-user licence PDF
This licence allows a single user to access, read and use the material on any single computer at any given time and to print one copy for personal use.

10-user licence PDF
A report purchased as a 10-user licence can be distributed to up to 10 users within a single organisation and can be printed up to 10 times.

Site licence
A report purchased as a site licence can be distributed to unlimited recipients within a single organisation at a single geographic location. It can also be printed without restriction for distribution within that organisation at that single location.

Enterprise licence PDF
A report purchased as an enterprise licence can be distributed to unlimited recipients within a single organisation, globally. It can also be printed without restriction for distribution within the organisation.

Licences are not intended to limit the usefulness of a report. If you feel we don't have a licence that meets with your own readership requirements, please get in touch ( to discuss a bespoke package.

Intellectual property

All intellectual and pictorial content contained within Lafferty Group reports — and their component products — is the property of Lafferty Group Holdings Limited, Financial Industry Foundation Holdings Ltd and/or their subsidiary or associated companies (the "Lafferty Group"), One Lyric Square, London, W6 0NB, UK and their licensees. Provided that Lafferty Group is acknowledged as the source/author the information provided as part of your licence agreement with Lafferty Group may be repackaged for your own business use only.

Prohibition on supply to third parties

Reproduction, repackaging or transmission for supply to third parties (i.e., anyone who falls outside the licence) shall amount to unauthorised copying of Lafferty Group content and is illegal.

The following acts in relation to the contents of Lafferty Group reports, either in whole or part, for any purpose other than a subscriber's own business use, are prohibited without the prior written permission of Lafferty Group: (i) reproduction in any form; (ii) storage in a data retrieval system; (iii) transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or otherwise.

Legal action may be taken against any company or individual ignoring this prohibition.

If you wish to use an extract from a Lafferty Group report in a publicly viewable external communication (eg a news article/feature, blog post, marketing presentation, etc), please get in touch ( to discuss further.


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