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About Lafferty

Senior executives at retail banks, card issuers, and payments providers around the world rely on Lafferty Group for the research, news, data and insight that powers their strategy and decision-making. With over 30 years of experience steeped in retail banking, Lafferty is positioned to support retail banking as it evolves in a rapidly changing, digital world.

Lafferty has constantly innovated: in 1981 we launched the first regular global newsletter serving the retail banking sector; the first in-depth management report followed in 1982 along with the first global retail banking conference; we ran the industry's first international retail banking council in 1995; 2012 saw the launch of our pioneering Retail Banking Academy, founded to educate retail bankers around the world to a high professional standard.

Lafferty Councils

Lafferty Group developed the concept of a global peer group for senior industry executives around the world. Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, Lafferty Councils are a neutral forum, independent of existing affiliations, where industry leaders meet their peers in a confidential environment and work together to identify best practices.

Today, Lafferty Councils continue to support members to enhance customer service, improve profitability and increase shareholder value, providing research, intelligence and global networking services to key players in the retail banking, cards and payments and merchant services industries. Current Lafferty Councils include:

Global Events

Over the last 30 years, Lafferty conferences and events have provided a unique and highly interactive format to create an engaging experience through our keynote speakers, live interview panels and debates. Supported by Lafferty industry expertise and thought leadership, Lafferty Global Events address the real challenges and opportunities in retail banking, cards and payments, mobile financial services and the latest innovations in banking.

Lafferty Research Services


A unique new research service that will keep senior retail bankers fully briefed on how new tech-driven business models are transforming the face of banking. Full of current case studies from across the globe, the service will deliver a continuous series of reports across the fields of AI, digital banking, fintech partnerships, and branch design, enabling you to stay abreast of and involved with technological developments as they reach the tipping points that will bring them into everyday deployment in the banking industry.

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A continuous series of data analysis-driven reports on the rapidly expanding world of digital payments. Each report provides a roadmap detailing the entire digital payments ecosystem in a market, covering:

  • Mobile payments
  • E-commerce
  • Real-time payments
  • Alternative payments

The advance of digital payments means that traditional business models are being eroded and there are more parties involved in a transaction than ever before. Our research cuts through the noise and provides industry players with the tools to plan their digital payments strategies.
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Daily Briefing

The Lafferty Daily Briefing provides senior executives across the banking industry with a concise round-up of the key news and sector developments driving retail banking and cards and payments markets.
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Lafferty Bank Ratings is a unique new service that rates banks worldwide for their quality, integrity, credibility and trust. Such a classification has never been attempted before.

The Lafferty Bank Ratings service provides an independent resource that will benchmark your bank against its local and global peers — and provide a roadmap for ongoing improvement.
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