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Payments Power

Payments Power - Peter Kinahan Cover Feb 2016

The Next Wave of Consumer Finance

Author: Peter Kinahan

Publishing date: Spring 2017

For some time the industry has understood that the value in payments transactions has been shrinking in terms of fees while growing in terms of related data and customer insight. Intense regulatory pressure has ensured that traditional income streams have been greatly diminished and this has been compounded by a surge in competition from innovative new entrants.

But the harnessing of information from digital payments processes is already delivering unprecedented levels of customer insight and with that the opportunity to develop new revenue streams. Will these opportunities compensate for the loss of traditional income streams and, if so, who is best placed to benefit?

Payments Power: The Next Wave of Consumer Finance contends that, rather than approaching saturation point, the general public — through the innovations in payments — is now beginning to understand both the possibilities of the marketplace and its options better, a shift in perception that is, in effect, activating immense latent demand for consumer finance and related services.

This new Lafferty report examines the shift in value creation at various stages of the payments value chain and how this is likely to evolve; in particular how the historical demarcation of merchant services and card issuers is breaking down in the search for holistic approaches and new synergies.

Featuring strategic profiles from the major card schemes to the most dynamic innovators, Payments Power is the essential handbook to navigate what is the most dynamic and rewarding sector in financial services.


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