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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

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Author: Lafferty Research Services

Publishing date: December 2017

Robots and Artificial Intelligence: A new frontier for retail banking

Robots — of both hardware and software varieties — are already replacing bank workers, and the trend is set to accelerate rapidly in the coming months and years. From process automation to intelligent customer service and fraud prevention, AI and robots can work alone or as part of a man-machine partnership. We look to emerging applications of AI, including KYC and financial inclusion. And recent troubles at Wells Fargo are leading to US banks using algorithms for surveillance of loan officers and sales staff. Then there's the broad threat from big tech, from Shenzen to Silicon Valley, which is leading the development of AI and robotics.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive summary
  • CEO Interview
  • Emerging applications of AI
  • The threat from big tech
  • Case studies

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