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Credit Cards & Consumer Finance: Eastern Europe

Countries covered: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

Author: Lafferty Research

Publishing date: March 2014

With most of Eastern Europe comprising former Soviet-bloc countries, much of the region is relatively new to the notion of consumer credit. Indeed, each of the nine credit markets can be characterised, for varying reasons, as somewhat embryonic.

Yet there are great differences in how the individual markets have progressed in the past 20 years.

Credit Cards and Consumer Finance: Eastern Europe reveals that for many of the markets covered by the report — Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia — the regulatory and financial support afforded by EU membership provides strong potential for sustained growth once the current financial climate improves.

In two of the three non-EU countries (Ukraine and Russia) the consumer credit explosion that was predicted has so far failed to fully materialise; this despite a sudden spurt of credit growth at the start of the century. Meanwhile the third of the non-EU trio, Turkey, ranks top in the region in terms of both credit card debts and credit card indebtedness, with other markets lagging far behind.

Lafferty's Credit Cards & Consumer Finance: Eastern Europe report provides a comprehensive overview of the consumer finance markets across nine countries and includes historic, current and forecast data on personal disposable income and its relation to mortgage, non-mortgage and total consumer credit outstandings in the market, offering a better understanding of indebtedness and the potential for further lending expansion.

We also provide commentary on trends, market structure, key growth areas, competitive lines of credit and credit cards. In addition, further data on consumer credit outstandings — broken down by areas such as mortgages, credit card lending, vehicle finance and personal loans — helps you to understand the current consumer finance landscape in any given country or region and gives you the information you need to see where the market is heading.


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