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The merchant acquiring market in North America is the largest and, arguably, the most advanced in the world. The market landscape involves a variety of players including large acquiring banks....MORE

Credit card profits in the Middle East have climbed impressively since 2010 and although the region accounts for just 1.2 percent of the global credit cards industry profit pool, it is the....MORE

Middle Eastern countries continue to deal with geopolitical events, ranging from the continued fallout of the Arab Spring and war in Syria to the global uncertainly over oil prices. From a....MORE

The Lafferty Global Merchant Services Library offers you the opportunity to purchase all seven of the regional Merchant Acquiring reports and make some considerable savings. The Lafferty....MORE

Thought Leadership


Why did Australian banks lock horns with Apple Pay? How did Danske Bank gain the support of....MORE

Branch Design 2020 Cover Feb 2016

The bank branch is being transformed: the need to cut costs has, counter-intuitively....MORE

Gems and Giants Report Cover_Version3_1NOV2016

Finally, some certainty in European banking: this report unearths nine 'gems' of banking....MORE

At Lafferty our aim is to provide our worldwide audience with the latest thinking about retail banking, cards, payments and mobile money. Our research and thought leadership reports are an indispensable source of commentary, analysis and data covering all of the latest topics, trends and initiatives shaping the industry today.


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